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    Custom Printed Swimming Caps - Latex, Silicone, Volume, Bullet Hats at SwimPath

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    Get your club logo or event graphics printed on swim caps for your swimming club or event!

    *Minimum order quantity of 50 caps.

    If you are organising a sponsored event and need graphics or if you are charity based event please contact us for special rates of discount.

    The caps we supply are produced to an exceptional quality by the largest European manufacturer of swim caps who make over 4 million caps a year for the top end brands,  We offer multiple coloured caps and print combinations for your personalised swimming caps requirements.

    Set up fees for printed swimming caps are completely free just send us your club logo and colour combination for design work, printing will commence once the fee has been paid and orders usually take about 4-5 weeks before delivery.

    Prices on printed swimming caps vary depending on a number of things, such as the material of the swimming caps, the number required (the more you buy the cheaper they become), how many colours are in your logo, and if you wanted the logo on both sides of the cap or just a single side. 

    If you have a specific requirement please contact us at or call 01275 741170. To discuss your individual requirements.

    Printed swim cap logo sizes

    Which Swim Cap is the right swim cap?

    Swim Caps are designed to keep the hair out of your face when swimming but to also protect the hair from being continuously exposed to the chemicals in the water. Competitive swimmers use Swim Caps to make them more streamlined in the water to reduce resistance allowing them to go faster! Swim Caps provided come in multiple colours with your logo printed onto them!


    Latex swim caps

    Made of 100% Latex this is the cheapest swim cap available, with lots of colours to chose from to fit with your event or club colours ! Due to them not being as strong as the silicone cap, extra care should be taken and avoiding wearing metal hair grips to prevent the piercing of the material. With a non-slip interior the latex cap is a great choice for placing your logo on for events be it open water or pool based. 

    Contact Us about Latex Swimming Caps!

    The 100% hypoallergenic silicone cap is perfect for those who need a higher durability cap compared to the latex. It has a non-slip interior giving it a high grip and maximum elasticity.

    Contact Us about Silicone Swimming Caps!

    Suede silicone swim caps

    This swim cap made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone with a suede Wrinkle Free exterior is a high quality swim cap for those who swim regularly and require a high quality print for their event or club.

    Contact Us about Suede Silicone Swimming Caps!

    Classic volume swim caps

    Made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone the Classic Volume Wrinkle Free Cap is a great choice for those who want a higher quality swimming cap as it has a volume wrinkle free feature shaped to fit perfectly to the head with maximum elasticity. The logo prints brightly onto this great choice of cap!

    Contact Us about Classic Volume Swimming Caps!

    Dome race swim caps

    The ultimate race cap, the FVC4 Dome Race cap is perfect for those who mean competition! A full dome the Cap is wrinkle free and fitted perfectly for the head with maximum elasticity this is our most durable cap. 

    Contact Us about Dome Racing Swimming Caps!



    Individual names can be printed on each cap at: £3.00 per cap/name.

    SwimPath Offers clubs the benefit from earning cash back from purchases made by you or your members by ordering any products from our Website, simply by having a link to our website we offer a significant savings or commission on sales bought through the link.

    See how much you could save or earn for your club and request information by contacting us today!

    We welcome Swimming clubs, Triathlon Clubs and Swim Teams.